Our Next Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting will be on September 1, at the Deutsches Haus located at 1700 Moss St. on Bayou St. John at 7pm.

Awards Banquet

The NOAFC Awards Banquet will be held on September 24, 2021 at the Ridgeway on Metairie Road. All members in good standing can get 2 free tickets for the Banquet.

Katrina Pay Update

At the June 16th hearing for Summary Judgment, Judge Sheppard did not provide any time for arguments and dismissed our motion for Summary Judgment and the City’s motion to Dissmiss. Currently the trail date is set for August 23rd, but the we may need more time to prepare. We will keep you posted on any new developments.

You Can Now Pay Dues Online!

You no longer have to write a check to pay dues. We now have the capability to use Venmo to pay online. Go to to get detailed information and how to get started. To send funds to the NOAFC, simply press the Pay or Request Funds button, enter either Albert Faciane@NOAFC or Enter the amount you wish to send and press send. That’s it! Remember, our dues has not increased since our founding in 1979 and remains $5.20 per month or $62.40 per year