How to Create a Short Cut to this Webpage

For an Android Phone go to our Home Webpage, click on the share tab and then select Add to Home Screen.

For and IPhone open Safari and go to our Home Webpage. Tap on the Share button at the bottom center of the screen. On the second row of options, tap on Add to Home Screen. You will be prompted to enter a title for your shortcut. You can change it or leave the default title of the web page. Tap Add in the upper right .

Our Next Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 6, at the Deutsches Haus located at 1700 Moss St. on Bayou St. John at 7pm.

Katrina Pay Update

The Louisiana State Supreme Court agreed with us to deny the City’s writ (seeking to overturn the Court’s judgment and dismiss the case). We will be moving forward with setting trial and discovery dates.

You Can Now Pay Dues Online!

You no longer have to write a check to pay dues. We now have the capability to use Venmo to pay online. Go to to get detailed information and how to get started. To send funds to the NOAFC, simply press the Pay or Request Funds button, enter either Albert Faciane@NOAFC or Enter the amount you wish to send and press send. That’s it! Remember, our dues has not increased since our founding in 1979 and remains $5.20 per month or $62.40 per year