Annual Wellness Visit

To keep United Health Care from increasing your premiums, you must have a Wellness Visit with your doctor by October 31. Your doctor must code your visit as a Wellness Visit for you to receive credit for the appointment. If you are charged a co-pay it was NOT coded as a Wellness Visit. You must also complete the Rally Health Survey by October 31. To do this, log in to and sign in. Click on “Rally Health Survey” and answer all of the questions. Failure to complete both of these requirements by October 31 will result in an increase in your premiums. If you have any questions click on the “Contact Us” page and send us an email.

Corn Hole Tournament

Dixie Brewery and Corn Hole Tournament: If conditions permit, we are starting to plan to have an event at Dixie Brewery with a mixed team (male/female) Corn Hole tournament with trophies going to the winner. Of course there will be beer/wine and food.

Please say safe and follow all government guidelines for personal hygiene and social distancing.

Katrina Pay Update

The Settlement Conference/Teleconference was held and the judge determined that the City and the Chiefs Association are too far apart to come to an agreement. A trial will be scheduled for sometime next year.

You Can Now Pay Dues Online!

You no longer have to write a check to pay dues. We now have the capability to use Venmo to pay online. Go to to get detailed information and how to get started. To send funds to the NOAFC, simply press the Pay or Request Funds button, enter either Albert Faciane@NOAFC or Enter the amount you wish to send and press send. That’s it! Remember, our dues has not increased since our founding in 1978 and remains $5.20 per month or $62.40 per year